Canada Labour Code Update

We recently made members aware of the changes to the Canada Labour Code (CLC) that the federal government enacted on September 1, 2019.  CATCA’s National Executive, along with CATCA General Counsel, Debbie Cooper, met with NAV Canada to discuss how these changes will impact the collective agreement.

Bargaining Update

The Executive Board met this week to discuss next steps in the bargaining process. Both Lewis Gottheil, outside counsel, and Debbie Cooper, CATCA’s general counsel, joined the Board. The meeting centered on obtaining a Maintenance of Activities Agreement (MOAA) with NAV Canada and discussing strategies on the next steps in bargaining.

NAV Canada Releases Corrective Action Plan on Fatigue

As members are aware, Transport Canada released findings on fatigue and instructed NAV Canada to make changes to its scheduling practices in an attempt to mitigate fatigue. Transport Canada identified several areas to be addressed and required NAV Canada to file a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) in a relatively short period. The CAP was submitted to Transport Canada in July 2019. NAV Canada is now releasing it to employees on the recommendation of the Fatigue Safety Action Group (FSAG) in the interest of transparency.

Fatigue Mitigation: Shift Extensions

NAV Canada provided CATCA with the following notice during the last week of collective bargaining: “Effective September 1, 2019, there will be no extensions at the end of a midnight shift except in an emergency.”

Classification Appeal Reviews

September 3, 2019 Under the prior classification process (before the matrix process was introduced), classification levels could be appealed to a tripartite review panel. A tripartite committee was created to hear appeals under the prior classification process. The panel is chaired by Sandra Haydon, an independent contractor and one of the original designers of the […]

Bargaining Bulletin #11: Week Eight in Cornwall

The week began with both parties discussing issues surrounding fatigue and the teams received a presentation from a fatigue/sleep expert. Bargaining then continued, and some progress was made on non-monetary items.

National Office Staff Changes

We regret to announce the resignation of our Labour Relations Advisor, Grant Boland. While we are disappointed to lose Grant, we are extremely pleased to welcome Deborah (Debbie) Cooper to the CATCA team as Director of Labour Relations and General Counsel.

Transport Canada Members Ratify New Four-Year Deal

We are pleased to announce that negotiators for the Treasury Board and CATCA have reached a new collective agreement covering Air Traffic Controllers employed by Transport Canada. Members voted unanimously in favour of ratifying the new deal.