Where unionized employers and unions are unable to resolve a workplace debate, there is the option of submitting the issue to an independent arbitrator or an arbitration board. An arbitration award refers to a decision made by an arbitration tribunal in an arbitration proceeding. An arbitration award is akin to a judgment in a court of law.


Award Arbitrator Subject
Care and Nurturing Kenneth P. Swan Care and Nurturing denial operational reasons Moncton ACC
TOIL & CLC Max Hours M. Brian Keller Hours of work, and how they count towards CLC maximum hour totals


Award Arbitrator Subject
Fam Flights J.F.W Weatherill FAM Flight Upgrades


Award Arbitrator Subject
Collective Agreement Michel Picher Arbitrated contract settlement


Award Arbitrator Subject
Springbank Tower Kenneth P. Swan Acting Pay


Award Arbitrator Subject
Kris MacLeod Kenneth P. Swan Hours of Work
TOIL Arbitration Award J.F.W. Weatherill Taking of Time Off in Lieu of Pay For Overtime


Award Arbitrator Subject
Changes to an Employee's Shift Cycle Kenneth P. Swan


Award Arbitrator Subject
Changes to an Employee's Shift Cycle J.F.W. Weatherill
"Practicum" Training Kenneth P. Swan Does the Employer have the right to assign students (non-employees) training duties in an operating position under the authority of licensed Air Traffic Controllers?”


Award Arbitrator Subject
Deemed Pensionable Earnings while on LTD Leave Kenneth P. Swan Operating employees who commence LTD, whether directly or whether via the R&R or MOS programs, who elect to continue contributing to the pension plan and thus accrue pensionable earnings, should in all cases have their OFP included in their deemed earnings, just as it is included in the LTD benefits itself
Classification Review NAV Canada/CATCA Review


Award Arbitrator Subject
Brian Parks Kenneth P. Swan A Sudbury Tower controller who was temporarily unable to control for medical reasons saw his licence medical certificate expire, only to be renewed on September 18. NAV Canada placed him on Maintenance of Salary (MOS) for 17 days against his wishes
Commuted Value and Effective Date of Retroactivity Kenneth P. Swan Grievance 2003-873 concerns the entitlement of members of the bargaining unit who became entitled to early retirement on or after April 1, 2001, but took the commuted value of their pension rather than a periodic pension, to retroactive salary payments arising from the Memorandum of Settlement and the collective agreement
Boymook et al (Halifax Supervisors) Kenneth P. Swan Five (5) Supervisory Positions Abolished
Patrick Tuppert Kenneth P. Swan OFP Paid While Utilizing Leave on MOS
Christian Lambert & Dominique Roy Kenneth P. Swan IFR declared surplus, request consideration for VFR priority placement at Calgary Tower
Dave Doheny Kenneth P. Swan Termination for medical incapacity


Award Arbitrator Subject
Gary Ross D. P. Jones Replacement of lieu leave by sick leave
Kevin Wallace Tom Jolliffe Deduction of lieu leave when statutory holiday falls within leave without pay period


Award Arbitrator Subject
Fam Flights J.F.W. Weatherill Cancellation of the FAM Flight Program when Controller's access to the cockpit is forbidden
Paul Hansen Thomas Kuttner Replacement or conversion of vacation leave to sick leave prior to departure on leave


Award Arbitrator Subject
FSS Use of Radar Ken Norman Work ownership; whether NARDS is exclusive controller function
FSS Use of Radar Ken Norman French Version
Rick Anderson Ken Norman Requirement for blue form on overtime shift; medical certificate cannot be required on arbitrary basis
Classification system M.B. Keller Dispute as to implementation date of new classification system
Lori Barnes Innis Christie Disciplinary one-day suspension for insubordination
Jerry Shieron Tom Jolliffe Contravened the selection by seniority.
MOS policy grievance Kenneth P. Swan Right to use earned leave before Maintenance of Salary begins; requirement to perform other duties
Peter Duffey Serge Brault Denial of TOIL, failure to propose alternate dates


Award Arbitrator Subject
Mark Bernard H. Allan Hope Whether sick leave payable for overtime shift - 10/25/2000 English Version
Mark Bernard H. Allan Hope (version française)
Murray Johnson Ken Norman Disciplinary reprimand for insubordination
George Syrotuck H. Allan Hope Leave without pay - Care and nurturing leave - English Version
George Syrotuck H. Allan Hope (version française)
Tower Pay Classification D. P. Jones Whether arbitrator has jurisdiction to require classification changes
Claire Gingras André Rousseau Disciplinary five-day suspension for fraudulent use of sick leave; no proof of fraud; substituted by reprimand - French only
Rob Allan Thomas S. Kuttner Requirement to use car pool for travel
David Doerksen - Supplementary Tom Jolliffe Whether employer may implement variable shift lengths
Compulsory Medical Certification Serge Brault Whether employer may implement blanket requirement for medical certificates at a unit; managerial discretion
Jody Croft H. Allan Hope Released on Probation
Algirdas Girdvainis Kenneth P. Swan Disciplinary ten-day suspension; wilful and reckless loss of separation


Award Arbitrator Subject
Ian Spencer Mervin Chertkow Disciplinary three-day suspension for negligence
Ron Schroeder and Mike Dooling Mervin I. Chertkow Disciplinary three-day suspension for carelessness, allowing aircraft into restricted airspace; reduced to reprimand
Jody Croft (Preliminary Decision) H. Allan Hope Grievor wrongfully dismissed
Twelve hours of work award Kenneth P. Swan Allegation that controllers are required to work more than 12 hours in non-emergency situations
David Kelly W. Wayne Thistle Disciplinary dismissal after operating irregularities; reduced to suspension and reinstatement to non-operating duties
Barry Green Kenneth P. Swan Interpretation of Memorandum of Agreement regarding re-employment of grievor
D. Leonarduzzi P. Chodos Dismissal of probationary employee; burden of proof
Barry Green - Preliminary Kenneth P. Swan Jurisdiction of arbitrator to rule on re-employment agreement
Mike Senyck Richard Brown Disciplinary five-day suspension for making personal phone calls while on operational duty
Danny L. Leonarduzzi v. CATCA Joeseph W. Potter Duty of fair representation; failure to pursue grievance against termination of probationary employee
Gary Crompton Andre Rousseau Dismissal, working while impaired, insubordination (english version)


Award Arbitrator Subject
Gander Summer Leave Innis Christie Change of summer vacation coverage; local consultation; past practice and estoppel
Harold Warren Martin Marguerite-Marie Galipeau Calculation of severance pay; effect of military time
Richard Summers D. P. Jones Dismissal for insubordination, refusal to relocate, "obey now, grieve later"
David Doerksen - Supplementary Tom Jolliffe Whether original violation can be remedied without full double controller coverage
Medical information and examinations Kenneth P. Swan Whether employer may force release of medical information to company doctor or require examination by company doctor
Meal and relief breaks Tom Jolliffe Meal and relief breaks; single controller on midnight shift


Award Arbitrator Subject
LOU 4-91 Richard B. Bird Controllers required to perform OSS work
LOU 4-91 Yvon Tarte Controllers forced to perform OSS functions; violation of LOU 4-91 [now defunct
CATCA v. TC and NC Muriel Korngold Wexler Errors in dues check-off; grievance seeking payment to CATCA
CATCA v. TC (CAPRO - Intervener) P. Chodos Work ownership; claim that responsibility for clearances was given to FSS


Award Arbitrator Subject
Bruce A. Coram Muriel Korngold Wexler Refusal of request to cancel vacation leave
Bruce Arthur Coram Muriel Korngold Wexler Claim for expenses under Travel and Relocation Directives
J. Beauregard, S. Dupéré and S. Bourgon Yvon Tarte Partially qualified employees working independently to be paid acting pay at tower level
Barry J. Green Rosemary Vondette Simpson Dismissal for abandoning tower replaced by disciplinary three-month suspension; mitigation, long service, record [complex legal trail - see other related cases]
Martin Sittig Yvon Tarte Untimeliness of grievance, no jurisdiction to hear
Henry Rowan Raphael Louis M. Tenace Which increment to pay on check-out of re-hired employees; lack of jurisdiction under Public Service rules


Award Arbitrator Subject
John Michael Tonner Albert S. Burke Claim for call-in overtime pay for telephone discussion at home
Pierre Lefebvre Marguerite-Marie Galipeau Disciplinary one-day suspension for sleeping on the job; single coverage on midnight shift (en francais)
Wayne Barry J. Barry Turner Denial of lieu leave; leave slots and spares
Andrew J. Damer Rosemary Vondette Simpson Protest against revocation of medical certification; jurisdiction of adjudicator to review medical decision; whether MOS should have been triggered
William Reasner J. Barry Turner Written reprimand for insubordination; Public Services rules do not allow adjudication of reprimands
Michel J. O. Bouffard, Mike E. Senyck and Liam J. Foley Albert S. Burke Removal of personal unrecorded telephone; no written agreement to maintain one
Stanley A. Martin Louis M. Tenace Proper date for start of MOS; interpretation of when license is "affected"
Vince Caruana Thomas W.Brown Disciplinary one-day suspension (reduced to reprimand) for failure to report incident; violation of MANOPS


Award Arbitrator Subject
Régis Richard Marguerite-Marie Galipeau Replacement / Conversion of vacation leave with sick leave


Award Arbitrator Subject
Vern A. Warkentin Roger Young Request annual leave and displacement of holiday
Dan A. MacArthur Philip Chodos Move of holiday to working day; whether previous adjudication awards should be followed
Richard Bruce Milne Roger Young Denial of vacation leave
Jack M. Pinsent Roger Young Disciplinary one-day suspension after loss of separation; whether culpable inattention or non-culpable inability
Kelly Jane Armstrong Muriel Korngold Wexler Pay entitlement after administrative errors
Gerald B. Leat Muriel Korngold Wexler Whether error based on erroneous information on flight strip can be cause for discipline
Michel Pinard Thomas W. Brown Grievor requested annual leave, then booked sick after denied; sick leave refused and discipline imposed because of suspicion of fraud
Doug C. Lund Jean Galipeault Entitlement to overtime during off-hours safety inspection
CATCA David Kwavnick Employer introduced scheduled instead of call-in overtime during freeze period


Award Arbitrator Subject
Raymond Tremblay Guy D'Avignon Unfair labour practice, failure to promote grievor because he files a gievance
Michel Séguin, (cont'd) Muriel Korngold Wexler Displine for negligence (previous award overturned by Federal Court)
Wilfred G. Summers (Supplemental to 1987) J. Maurice Cantin Grievance allowed after Federal Court overtuned previous award
Keith W. Steeves and Gary R. Lee Thomas Orner Lowden Meaning of "First Schedules working day"; holiday
Edward G. Hopkins Thomas W. Brown Employee lost pay when fellow employee booked sick during shift exchange
 John Nixon Roger Young Discipline, operating irregularity, breach of MANOPS, descriminatory penalties
Ronald N. Chase Roger Young Discipline, operating irregularity, breach of MANOPS, descriminatory penalties
John M. Reid Roger Young Discipline, operating irregularity, breach of MANOPS, descriminatory penalties
Ralph K. Johnson P. Chodos Entitlement for mileage for non-contiguous overtime
Ralph K. Johnson David Kwavnick Mileage claim for non-contiguous overtime
Gregory Newell and Gerard L. Haliburton Guy D'Avignon Meal and relief breaks
Jocelyn Drolet and Raymond Tremblay Charles Turmel Meal and relief breaks
Michel Séguin Muriel Korngold Wexler Disciplinary 2-day suspension for negligence
Donald A. G. McGill Muriel Korngold Wexler Grievor lost day's pay when fellow employee failed to show for a shift exchange
Gilles Viau, Régis Richard and Daniel Brosseau Jean Galipeault Meal and relief breaks
John D MacLoed Walter L. Nisbet Proper overtime rate


Award Arbitrator Subject
Barry John Green, Jack A. Heitzner and Peter Sullivan David Kwavnick Meal and relief breaks
Robert Anderson Roger Young Requirement to work holiday in order to earn lieu day (old language)
Wilfred G. Summers J. Maurice Cantin Whether maintenance of salary period is one year only or several one-year periods
C. Verne Shield J. Maurice Cantin Meal and relief breaks
Michael T. Dooling Walter L. Nisbet Meal and relief breaks
Stéphane Cormier and Michel Séguin Muriel Korngold Wexler Operating irregularity; grievors guilty of error in judgement or inattention but not disciplinary negligence
Claire Gingras Jean Galipeault Controller forced to utilize lieu days when she wished to carry them over
Pierre L. Drapeau Guy D'Avignon Disciplinary suspicion for negligence; natural justice during investigation
David F. Doheny Roger Young Grievor not entitled to lieu day because did not work on the holiday
Peter M. Hudgin Jean Galipeault Less than 8 hours between shifts, fatigue, stress after OI, unfit to perform operational duties
John Kroeker Roger Young Denial of several hours' leave request
Tony Lastoria Thomas W. Brown Pre-June 1, 1982 lieu days
Trevor Whittley Roger Young Dismissal for abandonment of position
Anthony S. Nicholson Thomas W. Brown Denial of ad hoc vacation leave; past practice; avoidance of overtime
Thomas M. Watt Guy R. D'Avignon Disciplinary 5-day suspension for loss of separation and failure to report operation irrgularity


Award Arbitrator Subject
William Dean Baker David Kwavnick Meal and relief breaks
Wayne J. Justinen and Derek Neilson Roger Young Improper change in shift cycle
Donald Lay David Kwavnick Equitable assignment of overtime
J.A. René Lauzon Michael Bendel Denial of request for vacation leave
Roberta L. Johnson Michael Bendel Reasonable accommodation and compensation for change in shift schedule
Richard Marcel Lemay Walter L. Nisbet Claim for relocation expenses
Wayne J. Justinen and Derek Neilson - Supplementary Roger Young Following Federal Court Decision in original case
Michel Pinard Jean Galipeault Denial of request for lieu leave
Hayward R. Clarke David Kwavnick Notification of change of shift cycle
Jean-Guy Hains J. Maurice Cantin Whether overtime assignment was single one or two consecutive ones
Terry Lepoutre David Kwavnick Whether operational employee should earn non-perational rates while in laguage school; employer should not deprive employees of benefits without negotiating


Award Arbitrator Subject
Ginette J. M. Roncali Thomas w. Brown Entitlements of employee while on administrative leave with pay
Richard T. Smith J. Harold Brown Special leave for snowstorm
Gerald B. Mueller J. Harold Brown Special leave for snowstorm
Dennis D. Dick J. Harold Brown Special leave for snowstorm
C. M. Bourne J. Maurice Cantin Employee forced to use lieu days earned prior to June 1, 1982
Blaine B. Peterson Thomas w. Brown Relocation directive, claim for mortgage interest differential, interpretation of "former place of duty"
John H. Hill Jean Galipeault Change from operational to non-operational status
Andrew W. Perrin Jean Galipeault Denial of fam flight based on destination and lack of proper approval
Robert Fradenburgh v. D. A. Lane and CATCA Michael Bendel Complaint by employee that employer missed time limits to reply to grievances (request for reconsideration)
Walter S. Galka Walter L. Nisbet Controller forced to use sick leave during Maintenance of Salary despite being medically fit to perform other duties. Has 210 sick days restored [NOTE: contract language has since been modified]
Daniel J. A. Thérien Walter L. Nisbet No right of individual to go to arbitration without Union approval
Darren K. Watts Walter L. Nisbet Operational status and compensation of cease-trained employee who was reinstated
John G. Breen, Kenneth R. Denis, Ronald N. Hill and Garner R. Peters J. Harold Brown Whether entitlement to overtime on amendment of shift schedule
R.P Larivière et al Jean Galipeault Interpretation of compensation aspect of prior award
Robert Fradenburgh v. D.A. Lane and CATCA Michael Bendel Complaint by employee that employer missed time limits to reply to grievances
Peter J. Minchin and Grefory A. Newell Guy D'Avignon Employer unilaterally assigned lieu days
CATCA J. Harold Brown Shift exchange denial; Board declines jurisdiction because individual grievance could have been filed (Public Service rules)


Award Arbitrator Subject
Lawrence A. Stewart J. Maurice Cantin Right of employer to cancel shift exchange when one employee became disabled and overtime would have been required
Ron Wilcox J. Maurice Cantin Claim for overtime after employer unilaterally changed shift cycle
Thomas H. Tyhurst Roger Young Disciplinary suspension, insubordination, PATCO strike
Kenneth D. Yurick J. Maurice Cantin Whether employer must use overtime to grant vacation leave where no persistent staff shortage
Treasury Board J. Harold Brown Waterloo Tower: Refusal of employer request to change unit shift cycle, whether reasonable
Treasury Board J. Harold Brown Toronto Island Tower: Refusal of employer request to change unit shift cycle, whether reasonable
Treasury Board J. Harold Brown Toronto ACC and Tower: Refusal of employer request to change unit shift cycle, whether reasonable
R. C. Magnus Jean Galipeault Special leave during snowstorm
John Douglas Schildwachter C. Brian Williams Refusal of unit request to change shift cycle; whether consent unreasonably withheld; jurisdiction of adjudicator
Treasury Board J. Harold Brown Board's jurisdiction to hear employer complaint about refusal of controllers to change shift cycle
Timothy C. Yates and Myron Frederick H. Tudge Walter L. Nisbet Allowable class of air fare for travel to and from home while at Cornwall
Ronald N. Chase Thomas W. Brown Refusal of majority request to change unit shift cycle; jurisdiction of adjudicator
Ronald Neil Hill C. Brian Williams Denial of vacation leave on grounds that overtime would be required
R. P. Larivière et al Jean Galipeault Whether adjudicator has jurisdiction to hear grievance filed during the freeze period


Award Arbitrator Subject
R.A. Pennefather J. D. O'Shea Insubordination, disciplinary suspension, grievor abandoned overtime shift when he learned of CATCA direction following PATCO strike
M. A. Moxam J. D. O'Shea Insubordination, disciplinary suspension, grievor abandoned overtime shift when he learned of CATCA direction following PATCO strike
Frank Gauthier, John Batchelor and Cecil Reasin J. Maurice Cantin Computation of compensation for reinstated employees
Daniel H. MacDonald et al Susan M. Ashley Claim by supervisors required to be qualified for both Tower and Terminal to receive OFP for both
Peter Minchin Guy D'Avignon Whether employee entitled to reimbursement for prescription sunglasses
Robert Randal and Tim Yates Joseph M. Weiler Meal and relief breaks
CATCA J. Harold Brown Denial of permission for posting of a union bulletin; whether employer must act reasonably in exercising discretion
J. A. Poitras J. Maurice Cantin Whether employer liable for expenses incurred when employee bumped off fam flight returns
K. A. Brompton et al S.J. Frankel Entitlement to retroactive pay of 13 employees who had resigned or been cease-trained
G. Crompton J. Galipeault Special leave with pay for attendance at Federal Court
J. M. Tonner and Others D.G. Pyle Right of DSC to meal and relief breaks
Douglas Archer et al D.G. Pyle Equitable distribution of call-in overtime assignments
Thomas M. Watt D.G. Pyle Blue forms; right of employer to require medical certificates for sick leave
Dereck L. Neilson D.G. Pyle Grievor claims insufficient training to carry out duties
W. Coffin, S. T. Glassford and T. D. Moores J. Maurice Cantin Overtime mileage claim; whether overtime worked was contiguous or not
L. Derrien, K. G. A. Kirkpatrick and M. E. O'Sullivan C. Brian Williams Whether employer may unilaterally schedule lieu days
Reginald Donald Ersnt C. Brian Williams Entitlement to retroactive pay on broken service
W.H. Jashewski J.C. Hayes Disciplinary suspensions, false declarations of unsafe airspace during PATCO strike
CATCA J. Harold Brown Claim that two LOUs are part of collective agreement and that employer must pay to include them in printed edition
F. Pleunis and W. E. Snow J.C. Mayes Reimbursement of fees for annual medical examinations of DSCs
Donald G. Jarrell J. Maurice Cantin Denial of leave without pay for work with ICAO
T. D. Adams and 34 Others Innis Christie Insubordination, disciplinary suspensions for supporting PATCO strike
CATCA J. Harold Brown Entitlement to legal counsel at fact-finding boards and administrative inquiries; estoppel
Régis Richard J.-Maurice Cantin Whether employee's operational shift cycle continues while training at Cornwall; overtime claim
R. Choquette and N. P. Hodgson J. Maurice Cantin Disciplinary five-day suspension for negligence, endangering safety of aircraft, operating irregularity
R. D. Brown D.G. Pyle Overtime claim; whether bargaining unit supervisors can bind management in labour relations matters
Ralph K. Johnson Kenneth E. Norman Unilateral change in shift cycle
G. N. Alleyne & 14 Others S.J. Frankel Disciplinary suspension of 15 controllers, insubordination, bilingualism at Dorval Tower


Award Arbitrator Subject
Frank Gauthier, John Batchelor and Cecil Reasin J.Maurice Cantin Dismissal of three controllers for insubordination, supporting PATCO strike
Roy L. Cuthill D.J. Pyle Claim for acting pay and mileage for weekend travel home
D. D. Kelso Leon Mitchell Compensation for employee improperly forced from Montreal to Cornwall after successful challenge to Supreme Court
Robert White J.C. Mayes Whether weekend travel home from Cornwall payable at employer-requested mileage rate
D. Craven et al S.J. Frankel Whether partially checked-out controller entitled to acting pay at higher AI level
E. A. Grahm and G. P. Onieu Leon Mitchell Whether shift cycles can be changed to avoid overtime costs during training
Jean-Luc Patenaude J.-Gaston Descôteaux Individual grievance against smoking in the workplace
David K. Anderson, Eric S. Bovard, Larry V. Deveau and D. Gary O'Keefe R. D. Abbott Scheduling of lieu days, following Federal Court review
V. Della-Serra, N. Niedzwieckia, V. E. Glass, G. A. Schwartz and K. D. Yurick S.J. Fran Travel expenses for attending Public Service appeal


Award Arbitrator Subject
Donald Boyce and Claude Bizzarro Emile Moalli Claim of improper change of shift schedules
G. L. B. Hollier and R. W. Willis Kenneth E. Norman Denial of one-year leave without pay to work for ICAO
S. Laviolette David H. Kates One-day disciplinary suspension for failing to notify management before leaving work sick
Thomas D. Power R.D. Abbot Grievance protesting forced medical examination; adjudicator had no jurisdiction to rule under Public Service laws
Georges-Michel Nadon Emile Moalli One-day disciplinary suspension for leaving work without permission during overtime shift
Her Majesty in right of Canada as Represented by the Treasury Board J. Harold Brown Employer must comply with Board order to stop compulsory overtime at Montreal ACC during freeze period
J. R. Savage S.J. Frankel Denial of leave in short-staffed unit on grounds that overtime would be required
James R. Pottinger A.W.R. Carrothers Replacing lieu leave by sick leave once lieu leave has begun
Fernand L. G. Valois R.D. Abbott Whether forced transfer constituted discipline
R. M. Liske David H. Kates Dismissal for conflict of interest
David K. Anderson, Eric S. Bovard, Larry V. Deveau and D. Gary O'Keefe R.D. Abbott Unilateral scheduling of lieu days
J. M. Livingston Leon Mitchell No pay increments while on unpaid union leave
W. H. MacEwan J.C. Mayes Whether employer's decision as to location and content of refresher training can be challenged
J. E. Noakes David H. Kates Meal and relief breaks


Award Arbitrator Subject
CATCA David H. Kates Requirement of employer to deduct dues as directed by CATCA
A. G. Mitchler R. D. Abbott Assignment of non-AI duties
W. E. Robertson and P. W. Parsons A.W.R. Carrothers Minimum 7-hour shift; meaning of "every reasonable effort"
R. J. A. Lauzon J.-Maurice Cantin Entitlement to replacement day of refresher training after booking sick
W. T. Warner S.J. Frankel Dismissal for failure to report for duty and contact manager
K. R. Lawes et al, P. W. Parsons et al, G. Kifiak et al and L. Derrien et al Leon Mitchell Meal and relief breaks


Award Arbitrator Subject
Jean-Luc Patenaude S.J. Frankel Whether supervisor's probation ends upon successful completion of training
Gordon Barry Watson A.W.R. Carrothers Special leave, managerial discretion, consideration of all circumstances
Robert J. Lush Donald MacLean Special leave, proper exercise of managerial discretion
Robert F. Drummond Donald HacLean Special leave, managerial discretion, consideration of all circumstances
Phillip M. Randall, Victor Boymook, Robert G. Hingley and Lucien D. Ritchie Lorne 0. Clarke Meal and relief breaks
J. R. Y. Paquet Patrice Garant Snowstorm, special leave, reason for absence directly attributable to employee


Award Arbitrator Subject
C. J. J. Brien Patrice Garant Snowstorm, special leave, exercise of managerial discretion
Frederic Ager M. Falardeau-Ramsay Whether forced lateral transfer disciplinary action or not
Bernard Levesque M. Falardeau-Ramsay Criticism of employer, refusal of overtime, disciplinary suspension and forced transfer
J. J. Corbett, D. E. Johnston and R. S. Deyoung D.H. Kates Change of shift cycle for refresher training
Claude Belval Claude Belval Delayed return to work for medical testing, whether sick leave or special leave
Robert J. Slade Edward B. Jolliffe Loss of licence, accommodation, maintenance of salary
Paul R. Hansen J.F.W. Weatherill No minimum 4 hours pay when overtime call-in cancelled in advance
Dick G. Jennens R.D. Abbott Equitable distribution of overtime


Award Arbitrator Subject
David Keith Anderson et al D.H. Kates Fam flight days entitlement for "PAR" controllers
Douglas Elkins et al and Ross Kay J.D. O'Shea Change shift cycle for refresher training
R. M. Liske R.D. Abbott Discipline for MANOPS violation, negligence, 5-day suspension
William J. Robertson Edward B. Jolliffe Notice of change to shift schedule


Award Arbitrator Subject
CATCA Edward B. Jolliffe Equitable distribution of overtime
Serge Cormier Georges-E. Gauthier Discipline for insubordination, use of French language


Award Arbitrator Subject
Emil Bryksa, Arthur H. Derbyshire, Edward Holt, Robert J. Mercer and R. Grant Price R.D. Abbott Holiday moved to first working day
R. W. Jodozi and 15 Others R.D. Abbott R.D. Abbott


Award Arbitrator Subject
William Alexander McLeod Perry Meyer Denial of shift exchange


Award Arbitrator Subject
J. L. Rach Edward B. Jolliffe Overtime rate on rest day


Award Arbitrator Subject
Klaus G. S. Pollack Edward B. Jolliffe Failure to schedule two consecutive rest days


Award Arbitrator Subject
Katherine M. Wood, Maurice V. Brager, J. A. Paxton and B. Hart Edward B. Jolliffe Statutory holidays during sick leave


Award Arbitrator Subject
N. R. Addaway and H. G. Batt J .F .W. Weatherill Determination of classification level
Paul S. Warren W.S. Martin Holiday moved to first working day
John R. Campbell John R. Campbell Lieu day moved to first working day

Where unionized employers and unions are unable to resolve a workplace debate, there is the option of submitting the issue to an independent arbitrator or an arbitration board. An arbitration award refers to a decision made by an arbitration tribunal in an arbitration proceeding. An arbitration award is akin to a judgment in a court of law.