Bargaining Bulletin #2

The Contract Committee met in Ottawa this week to continue its review of all Branch proposals, preparing issues to be tabled with NAV Canada when face-to-face meetings begin in December.

Bargaining Bulletin #1

The CATCA Contract Committee met October 1 to 4 in Ottawa to prepare the groundwork for the upcoming round of collective bargaining.

What Happened To Benefits Bargaining?

The current benefits cycle is 2017, 2018 and 2019. With no agreement reached, our benefits continue status quo. We continue to try to reach a settlement that will include improvements that all represented deserve.

Arbitration Decisions

An award concerning hours of work, and how they count towards CLC maximum hour totals, has now been reviewed and discussed between CATCA and NAV Canada.

Follow-up on Pension Errors

This is a follow-up on the Pension Error B&F distributed May 2, 2017, regarding “non-operational” service in the 1990’s and/or parental leave taken after December 31, 2000, it has become apparent that errors may still exist.