Retirement Announcement

October 15, 2020 CATCA MEMBERS RE: Retirement Notice Dear Members: We write to inform you that CATCA Pacific Regional Vice President, Mr. Scott Shields, has tendered his resignation to NAV Canada and the CATCA Executive Board, effective October 29, 2020. Mr. Shields has dedicated many years to CATCA and the representation of our Members during […]

Trainee Recall List

October 13, 2020 Trainee Recall List On September 22nd, NAV Canada made the very difficult decision to terminate most of the students across the country. The CATCA Executive Board recognizes the sacrifices each of the students made when they applied for a career in Air Traffic Control. Many put other careers on hold, or made […]

OSFI Update- Commuted Values

October 13, 2020 OSFI Update- Commuted Values As we previously reported, OSFI has been taking steps to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 situation on pension plans, which have included a temporary portability freeze on transfers from federally regulated Private Pension Plans. The NAV Canada Pension Plan is a federally regulated plan and therefore was […]

NAV Canada’s Wage Deferral Request Update

October 8, 2020 NAV Canada’s Wage Deferral Request Update On September 28, CATCA communicated to the membership the conclusion of the wage deferral request made by NAV Canada. In that communique you were advised that all retroactive pay and salary increases apart from retroactive overtime, allowances, premiums, leave payouts and some top ups would be […]

Seniority Bid Update

October 6, 2020 Seniority Bid Update On June 23, 2020, an agreement was made with NAV Canada to defer the National Seniority Bid, normally published in June until October 2020. This was done to allow the Company an opportunity to assess training requirements. As we are all aware, the Company has ceased virtually all training […]

COVID Winter Schedule Extension

October 5, 2020 COVID Winter Schedule Extension As you are aware on March 20th the CATCA Executive Board and NAV Canada agreed to adopt modified schedules and suspend hours of work and scheduling provisions contained in the collective agreement. In July this agreement was extended until the end of November as it was required in […]

CATCA Board of Trustees Committee Appointments

October 5, 2020 CATCA Board of Trustees Committee Appointments The following appointments have been made for the current committee term, expiring December 31, 2022, by the CATCA Executive Board: Board of Trustees Jeff Timmy, Winnipeg ACC Charly Stratton, Vancouver Tower The newly appointed committee members will join Brad Carter from Toronto ACC, and Jonathan Daoust […]

NAV Canada’s Wage Deferral Request

September 28, 2020 NAV Canada’s Wage Deferral Request As has been communicated over the past month and as per the LOU signed in April which deferred our salary increases until September 30th, NAV Canada approached all unions on August 27th and initiated discussions requesting further assistance in dealing with the impacts of the COVID-19 situation.  […]

Involuntary Trainee Layoffs and Level of Service Study

September 22, 2020 Involuntary Trainee Layoffs and Level of Service Study As most, if not all CATCA Members are now aware, today saw a grim reminder of the financial impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the aviation industry, and in turn, NAV Canada.  While NAV Canada has been making every effort to avoid taking […]

NAV Canada Wage Deferral Discussions Continue

September 14, 2020 NAV Canada Wage Deferral Discussions Continue Last week, CATCA President Doug Best, Executive Vice President Scott Loder, and General Counsel Debbie Cooper participated in a conference call with senior leaders of NAV Canada Labour Relations to further discuss part four of the Wage Deferral Letter of Understanding. The CATCA Executive Board, along […]