CATCA Bulletin 2022-03

March 18, 2022 CATCA Bulletin 2022-03 Fatigue Management The roll-out of the fatigue management program continues to be problematic at best. Phase 1 of the roll-out requires published schedules to be fatigue-compliant, but other rules of the fatigue management program are not yet in force (with the exception of the 3-hour time-in position on midnights […]

CATCA President Best on medical leave

March 4, 2022 CATCA President Best on medical leave Doug Best, President of Local 5454, the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association (CATCA), announces that he will be taking medical leave. Doug initially began his leave in early February 2022 and hoped to return; however, the leave is now extended indefinitely. As per CATCA’s Union By-laws, […]

CATCA Bulletin 2022-02

February 10, 2022 CATCA Bulletin 2022-02 Convention Update:  With our National Convention in Quebec City getting closer, we have been presented further information adding to the difficulties with our planning process.  While we knew that the staff of the Hilton Quebec have been on strike since May of 2020, a previous discussion with the management […]

Sick Leave Grievance

February 4, 2022 Sick Leave Grievance The B&F released on January 28, 2022, concerning the Extension of Protocols for COVID-Related Sick Leave Absences, has been met with adverse reactions from several CATCA members. While we constantly endeavour to ensure the wording of any communication accurately reflects our intentions, indicating the grievance was rendered “moot” by […]

Extension of Protocols for COVID Related Sick Leave Absences

January 28, 2022 Extension of Protocols for COVID Related Sick Leave Absences As you may be aware, CATCA and NAV Canada signed a Letter of Understanding on March 11, 2020, that allowed members to exceed the annual limit of ten (10) uncertified sick days and removed the necessity of a sick note (blue form) in […]

2022 National Convention Submission of By-law Amendments and Branch Resolutions

January 24, 2022 2022 National Convention Submission of By-law Amendments and Branch Resolutions In preparation for the 2022 National Convention, all Branch office holders should carefully review the provisions of the CATCA Policy Book dealing with Convention procedures. At this time, you are reminded specifically of the procedures and deadlines for submitting proposed By-law  Amendments […]

Award of Honour and Award of Merit Nominations 2020 & 2021

January 17, 2022 Award of Honour and Award of Merit Nominations 2020 & 2021 CATCA recognizes members who have made a significant contribution to both the Association and the aviation industry as a whole. The Award of Honour recognizes members who have displayed exemplary professionalism in recognition of meritorious action taken during a time of […]

CATCA Volunteer Service Award

January 17, 2022 CATCA Volunteer Service Award CATCA is built on volunteerism and participation. We are fortunate to have many members across the country give their time selflessly to our Association. The CATCA volunteer service Award allows us to recognize members at the branch level who go over and above for the Union. The volunteer […]

Convention 2022 – Business Only

January 13, 2022 Convention 2022 – Business Only The impact of COVID-19 and its evolving variants on work and gatherings has made day-to-day life unpredictable for people everywhere.  As restrictions are eased or new restrictions introduced, it has also made planning for a safe CATCA Triennial Convention more and more difficult as we get closer […]

CATCA Bulletin 2021-01

December 17, 2021 CATCA Bulletin 2021-01 Starting today CATCA will be communicating bi-monthly with updates to keep members in the loop on current topics of interest. We recognize that over the past year there have been gaps in communication, even though there is never a dull moment. Decisions that affect members, be it NAV Canada, […]