A Tentative Agreement Reached

A Tentative Agreement was reached July 24th, 2011 – details to follow. Ratification tour to begin this week, first stop Winnipeg Tuesday July 26, 2011.

Settlement Highlights

The following are partial highlights of the tentative agreement concluded on July 24, 2011 by the Contract Committee, consisting of Greg Myles, Doug Best, Rob Allan, Yves Langlois, Peter Duffey, Bryan Healy, Scott Shields, Roger Soucy, Robert Evans, Richard Landreville, Geneviève St-Pierre, Sophie Noel, David Doerksen, James Krause, David Hartwick, Mark Bernard, Abe Rosner, and […]

Bargaining Bulletin No. 13

Meeting June 29, 2011 The contract committee met in Ottawa yesterday with the express purpose of concluding a tentative agreement. Both teams worked throughout the day and evening and we believe we were very close to an agreement however we were not able to bridge the gap on remaining financial issues. While these meetings were […]

Safety Survey

Recently a safety survey was issued by NAV Canada’s National office. This survey is conducted every few years to check on the safety systems that are in place. This is your opportunity to ensure your thoughts are heard and that changes as required can be made to meet your needs in regards to safety management […]

Bargaining Bulletin No. 12

Contract Committee to Meet Face to Face The meeting scheduled for Wednesday was held in the CATCA office. Final positions were discussed and exchanged on outstanding issues previously discussed by the committee and the employer. The outcomes were presented and briefly discussed with the contract committee in a subsequent conference call. It has been decided […]

Bargaining Bulletin No. 11

Contract Committee Meeting The contract committee met today via conference call. We discussed our collective bargaining situation along with recent developments in labour relations in Canada and the impact these changes could have on our situation. The team decided to take the following steps in an attempt to reach a final resolution of our collective […]

CAW Local 2002 Strike: Air Canada customer service agents

As a result of strike action being undertaken by CAW Local 2002 members in some locations may encounter picket lines. Below is an excerpt from the CATCA policy manual that gives direction for members who are confronted by pickets. 4.6 Strike Action by Other Unions or Staff Unions If picket lines are established at an […]

Bargaining Bulletin No. 10

The contract committee met with NAV CANADA a number of times over the past 2 days in Ottawa. We have reached agreement on a number of issues that are important to concluding a collective agreement. However, we have not been able to come to agreement on monetary issues. We have decided that the best course […]

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