Bargaining Bulletin No. 5

Fourth week of bargaining – February 7-10, Winnipeg Much ground was covered from Monday morning to Thursday noon, including responses to proposals from previous sessions, and some new topics: Seniority bids: Initial discussions centred on the problem of deferrals in short-staffed units/specialties; the ‘50% rule’ (the sharing of available training seats between seniority bidders and […]

Bargaining Bulletin No. 4

Third week of bargaining On Monday, the Company hosted a “Technical Update” presentation (requested last time by the Union). Vice-President of Operations Rudy Kellar and Director of ATS System Integration Bill Crawley briefed both committees on a variety of ongoing and upcoming initiatives. The Union has an interest in being involved in and fully aware […]

New YCC Appointments

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of two new Young Controllers Council Members. Michael Carrière (WG ACC) Jean-François Lepage (UL ACC)

Bargaining Bulletin No. 3

Second week of bargaining – January 10-14, Vancouver The week began with the Union and Company committees separately meeting to sum up the experience of the previous session and prepare their thoughts for the current week’s agenda. Joint talks resumed on Tuesday. The following were among the main topics discussed: Training and competency, including: the […]

Bargaining Bulletin No. 2 Collective bargaining opens in Halifax

On Wednesday, December 1, CATCA CAW Local 5454 filed its legal notice to bargain, and talks began with the NAV Canada team at the Four Points hotel in Halifax. Discussions began with opening remarks by Richard Dixon, Vice-President of Human Resources, who focused on the culture of problem-solving (rather than confrontation) which has been strengthened […]

Bargaining Bulletin No. 1 Contract Committee meets in Toronto

The Contract Committee of CATCA CAW Local 5454 met November 1-5, 2010 in Toronto to prepare the groundwork for collective bargaining. In attendance were President Greg Myles and Executive Vice-President Doug Best; Regional Vice-Presidents Rob Allan, Yves Langlois, Peter Duffey, Bryan Healy, and Scott Shields; elected members Mark Bernard (YVR ACC & Tower), James Krause […]

Contract Committee Results 2010

VFR Bilingual (All Towers in Quebec and YOW Tower) Position Elections to the VFR Bilingual Contract Committee Position have been completed. Please be advised that Geneviève St-Pierre of Dorval Tower will be the VFR Bilingual Representative. The union wishes to thank Bruce Thomson for offering his name for the position as well. In solidarity Greg […]


ATCD 2010-4, issued by NAV Canada, contained a reference that stated “This change results from CATCA and NAV CANADA discussions concerning operational proficiency” This implies that there is some sort of agreement with CATCA. That is wrong. In our Memorandum of Settlement from 2009 a commitment to resolve issues surrounding currency was undertaken. We have […]

2011 Committee Appointments

At the Fall board meeting the Board of Director’s made the following appointments: CATCA Technical Committee Steve Malloy (YWG ACC), Chair Chris Kempffer (Outaouais, TSC) Emile Fuchs (YVR ACC) Daryl Stilson (YYZ ACC) Dan Hamzic (YYZ ACC) Frank Kennedy (YHZ Tower) Occupational Safety and Health Representative Mark Bernard (YVR ACC) Young Controllers Council Carrie Amell […]