Call for Nominations, Contract Committee 2010

Nominations will open for the Contract Committee, Wednesday August 4th, 2010 and must be received by the National Office no later than 12:00 EDT, August 17th, 2010. Nominations must be accompanied by the nomination form attached to this letter. Candidate biographies can be submitted and will be distributed with election packages.

Advanced Notice for the Election of the Contract Committee 2010

The current collective agreement is set to expire March 31, 2011, which means that notice to bargain can legally be served as early as December 1, 2010. By way of preparation, we will move immediately to fill the nine (9) elected positions on the Contract Committee. This letter serves as an advance notice explaining briefly […]

National Office Retirement – Mrs. Anita Sawyer

It is with mixed feelings that we announce that Mrs. Anita Sawyer, Executive Assistant, has advised us of her decision to retire from CATCA effective at the end of June. Anita is the longest serving employee in the history of our association. Anita started with CATCA October 01, 1974 and has been with us ever […]

National Seniority Bid Questions & Answers

As agreed during the last round of collective bargaining a frequently asked questions and answers sheet on the above topic was created. Please review the attached document. And as previously requested this Q&A will also be circulated with the National Seniority bid. This Q&A does not modify the collective agreement and is provided to you […]

Central Vice President Voting and Counting Procedures

Attached are the procedures and information required for the election of the Central Vice President. Branch Executive and Facility Stewards are responsible for conducting the election in their respective units; this includes delegation of responsibility for the voters list, ballots, and ballot box required to ensure all members are afforded the opportunity to vote. Included […]


Several members have been reporting a renewal charge from Transport Canada when renewing their medical certificates for their ATC licenses. This is due to a system error; we want every member to know that there is no fee for renewing your medical certificates for your ATC license. However, if you hold a pilot’s license and […]

National Executive Election Results

Ballots from all branches and facilities have been counted and the elections committee has declared: Mr. Greg Myles elected to the Office of President for the term 2010-2013 Mr. Doug Best elected to the Office of Executive Vice President for the term 2010-2013. Congratulations to both.

Another arbitration on training schedules

When a Gander controller travelled to Cornwall for 16 days of DSC training, the company changed his schedule and converted five rest days to work days. Three days were paid back after his return, consecutive with his regular period of days off (no problem there) – but the other two were paid back by creating […]