National Executive Election Results

Ballots from all branches and facilities have been counted and the elections committee has declared: Mr. Greg Myles elected to the Office of President for the term 2010-2013 Mr. Doug Best elected to the Office of Executive Vice President for the term 2010-2013. Congratulations to both.

Another arbitration on training schedules

When a Gander controller travelled to Cornwall for 16 days of DSC training, the company changed his schedule and converted five rest days to work days. Three days were paid back after his return, consecutive with his regular period of days off (no problem there) – but the other two were paid back by creating […]

Realignment of branches within regions

At post convention board meetings, the Board of Directors voted to accept the recommendations made by the Board of Trustees regarding realignment of branches within the Central and Atlantic regions. Effective April 20th, the non-operational members of the Tom Roberts, Outaouis, Bytown, and Seaway branches are part of Central Region. Effective July 1st, 2010, the […]

Regional Vice President Nominations & Acclamations

The following members have been nominated for the following Regions: CENTRAL REGION Peter Duffey – Toronto ACC Cliff Durrwachter – Toronto ACC Voting for the Central Regional Vice-President position will begin Wednesday June 2, 2010 and close Tuesday June 15, 2010 at 12:00 EDT. PACIFIC REGION Scott Shields – Vancouver ACC Mr. Shields has been […]

Arbitrator agrees with Union on TOIL

When a member requests time off in lieu of pay (“TOIL”) for overtime, but can’t reach agreement with management on when to take the time off, the overtime is paid out on March 31. What happens when your overtime is worked close to that date, and management says they just can’t spare you in time […]

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